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About Us

Idea? We got Locateusertires.com idea from friend of ours who was selling stack of old tires and he was managing the list of tires in Excel sheet and it seems to be quite painful task to manage - there had to be easier way. There's plenty of big used tires sites out there who sell the tires and have massive inventories but can you sell your tires easily to them? Not really!

What do we do? We don't actually sell any tires, we just give people option to list them on one site, manage their listings and try to make it as pain free as possible.

Why? Have you tried selling anything lately in craiglist? Seems like you either get spammed to death or robbed.

Why Bother? Why not? This site is build by auto enthusiasts for similarly minded people and site is completely free.

I have some ideas for Improvements? Please feel free to send them to support@locateusedtires.com

Special thanks to Shark Performance USA for providing us the Hosting Services.


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